Throughout this year The Pokémon Company has been recruiting celebrities to show off the fact they're fans of the franchise. As a series of videos in an anniversary year they've been rather effective.

Another one has popped up today, and it's had a little more effort than "put a celeb in a room and get 30 seconds of soundbites" - both presenters are outside, for a start. Edited to promote Pokémon Sun and Moon, it features two NFL stars - Seattle Seahawks Cornerback Richard Sherman and LA Rams Punter Johnny Hecker. It's nice to see a punter get some attention - they're like internet writers, mostly ignored until they do something wrong...

In any case, this one has some nice messages among the promotional fluff.

Now we just need Cristiano Ronaldo and Lionel Messi (from the football where kicking the ball is actually the main activity) showing off local multiplayer battles in the game; then the Pokémon advertising department can relax and enjoy its festive break.