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I've been listening to The Protomen's music for the generous half of a decade, dreaming of the day when the concepts created would be able to breathe visually.

The day has come, and it's a great one.

For those unfamiliar, The Protomen are a band that's been around for 13 years. Most notably, their works are two concept albums reflecting the band's name as an ode to one of the blue bomber's most notorious rivals, The Protomen and Act II: The Father of Death. Both albums are stories - fables being told through spectacularly presented rock performances. The collections of songs in Act II (which serves as a prequel to The Protomen) follow Dr. Thomas Light, as he despairs in a dystopian world run by tyrant (and former colleague) Dr. Albert Wily.

Regarding cinematography, writing, symbolism, it's all incorporated in the video perfectly; the only way it could be better is if there was more of it. The totalitarian nature of Wily on every screen in the city was portrayed greatly in reflection of the original music.

I don't know why I expected anything apart from greatness - this has always been an exuberant group, known for their unusually high levels of performing both on stage and off of it. They put bulletholes in their van to claim that Wily's robots had done it, released an album containing the OST of a film that never existed, and even went so far as to kidnap a journalist who asked to interview them (if you're reading this Protomen, this is me politely asking you to do the same to me).

If you're a fan of Mega Man, or even rock-operas in general, I sincerely ask you to check out what else the band has in store on their website, which you can visit here.

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