When My Nintendo launched one of its key features was integration with Miitomo; through the social app you can earn more Platinum Points, and there are regular reward updates with outfits and virtual goodies. With Super Mario Run - Nintendo's second smart device app - now out on iOS, the same idea is being applied once again.

So far - in the UK version at least - there are nine Super Mario Run rewards up for grabs in My Nintendo. One is completely free - My Nintendo members can unlock Toad as a playable character. In addition to that there are batches of coins (used to buy things in the game), Toad Rally tickets, and also a few items for making your customisable Kingdom nice and pretty. The Gold Mario statue is quite something - Nintendo's mascot clearly has quite an ego.

Super Mario Run My Nintendo 2.png
Super Mario Run My Nintendo1.png

It's a similar formula so far to the rewards we've seen with Miitomo. Let us know what you think of this first batch of virtual goodies for Super Mario Run.

[source my.nintendo.com]