Super Mario Run

Though Nintendo has now finally broken the barrier of smart device gaming and joined the market, most agreed that it was about time. For years, the company had been facing pressure from fans and investors to put its games on smart devices, and it staunchly refused until recent times. Several explanations were given, which all ultimately boiled down to Nintendo's being protective over its IP, but now Miyamoto has given a firm reason for why the company waited so long.

The Wall Street Journal recently talked briefly with Miyamoto about the upcoming Super Mario Run and he explained that Nintendo refrained from making mobile games because smartphone hardware wasn't powerful enough. Now, however, he notes that it's more beneficial for Nintendo to make mobile games due to a larger saturation of smart devices. Here's what he had to say:

There are more opportunities for consumers to come into contact with a mobile phone than our own gaming devices.

What do you think? Should Nintendo have waited this long? Is the company better off now that it's joined the mobile market? Share your thoughts in the comments below.