Pokemon Sun and Moon

The Nintendo Switch represents a bold new step for Nintendo, as it currently seems that the company will be going forward with just the one console. This will mean many new beginnings, one of which is the future of the Pokémon series, which has historically kept its main entries to portables. With the Switch being both a home and portable console, some have wondered what that will mean for the main series, and its producer, Junichi Masuda, recently weighed in with his thoughts.

Masuda recently talked briefly with Meristation, and he had this to say on the future of the series:

Without a doubt, Nintendo Switch is the future, but we will have to wait until it goes out on the market and study how it can benefit from Pokemon. When people have it, we will have too see and deeply study how to use it so we can think how the next entries of Pokemon are going to be and how the saga can benefit from the new console.

An interesting response to be sure, as he's being quite careful to step around the matter of confirming whether or not the main series will be making an appearance on the console. There are rumours circulating around about the supposed Switch follow up to Pokémon Sun and Moon, Pokémon Stars, but perhaps it'll be a longer wait than expected.

What do you think? Will the main Pokémon games come to Switch? Drop us a comment in the section below.

[source neogaf.com]