Super Mario Run apple.png

Whether it's a mutual desire to benefit each other or whether a formal timed exclusivity deal was agreed, what's clear is that Apple has been keen to heavily promote Super Mario Run. Over the past month or so the app has enjoyed the benefit of tweets from the App Store's official account, strong placement on the store itself and various publicity-boosting activities.

Now there's a free download on iTunes in which Shigeru Miyamoto talks about the game. It's all rather introductory stuff, but it's always interesting listening to the legendary game designer; he's assisted on stage by Bill Trinen, with tech journalist and presenter Katie Linendoll posing questions.

It's about 41 minutes long and can be downloaded for free, either as a video or audio-only.

The game is now just a couple of days away - are any of you Apple device users planning to pick it up?