Last week, Nintendo finally admitted what everyone knew - production of its struggling Wii U system is coming to a close. The company's focus has now shifted to the Switch, which launches in March next year, and that makes this curiously comprehensive Australian ad for the departing console all the more puzzling.

Designed to promote the Mario Kart 8 and Super Smash Bros. Christmas bundle, the commercial hits all the right notes. It shows off two of the console's best titles, reminds players that add-on content is available, highlights the varied control options and even mentions those money-spinning amiibo.

In short, it's possibly one of the most detailed and informative Wii U ads Nintendo has ever run - yet it comes at a time when the console is about to be placed on the chopping block. If only Nintendo had taken this kind of approach a few years back, the Wii U might not have experienced such difficulty in selling the dual-screen dream to the masses.