Super Mario Run

Of all the common engines used in the game industry, few are used as often as Unity. Though it may not suit every developer's needs, the engine is scalable and easy to grasp, making it a popular choice among indie developers. Until very recently, Nintendo mostly developed games for its own hardware -- meaning that it also used its own engines -- but with the new smartphone games coming out, it seems the company will be branching out a bit.

The official Unity Twitter account just put out an interesting tweet where it mentioned that the upcoming Super Mario Run will be running on Unity. It's important to note, as this could perhaps indicate that the future Fire Emblem and Animal Crossing games may take advantage of the engine as well. Beyond that, it also leaves the door open for Super Mario Run to appear on numerous other devices and platforms. Perhaps someday it'll come to the Switch, too.

What do you think? Will Nintendo start making more games in Unity? Do you think Super Mario Run might appear on other platforms in the future? Share your thoughts in the comments below.