It's been quite a ride for Hyrule Warriors and Hyrule Warriors Legends; developed by the always-busy Warriors team at Omega Force, the Legend of Zelda spin-offs didn't fall short in terms of extensive add-ons and DLC. The Wii U version had its own additions, and since then Legends on 3DS had its own extensive season pass - with some of that pass content shared with the HD original.

Overall four new packs arrived this year alone, with the recent addition of a Link Between Worlds set on 31st October. After a lot of updates and add-ons, though, it seems that the DLC has finally reached its end. The Japanese Koei Tecmo YouTube channel posted a rather cute thank you video, also linking to the game page for these titles. It's a charming adios, re-affirming the common-sense assumption that development will have wrapped on these games.

It's been a great run of content in these games; all good things come to an end.