Announced way back in August, three additional colours for the New Nintendo 3DS XL are now out in Europe, though availability varies depending on where you are. There's a 'Rose' and white model in mainland Europe (hot pink, really), while the UK also joins in with the Orange / Black and 'Pearl White' editions.

Some neat trailers are below, with the German version included to show the pink model.

Availability is a bit unpredictable online (insert your own punchline here); these variations in availability make little sense, but all options can be bought if you're determined enough. Some UK choices from the usual retail contenders are below - please note that these are affiliate links, so a small percentage of purchases may go to Nintendo Life. You don't have to click them, though, it's a free world.

Amazon UK:


Official Nintendo UK Store

Are any of you Europeans tempted, or are you perfectly happy with the 3DS you have already? Let us know in the comments.