Beat Nebula is an indie title created by TJ "Kyatt" Cordes for QaziJam8 event, and while it's unlikely to ever make it to the Wii U, 3DS or Switch, it should be of interest to Nintendo fans thanks to the controller it supports.

The premise is simple - you have to destroy incoming comets and dodge laser beams. If you get hit three times or fall off the slender platform on which you stand, then it's game over. What makes Beat Nebula so unique is that it makes use of the GameCube Donkey Konga Bongo controller.


The option is there to use a keyboard, but as Cordes himself says, "it's a lot more fun with a controller you can hit really hard." The game also supports the Taiko Drum Master controller, should you have one to hand.

Cordes intends to polish the game a little more, and has recently added particle effects and an increasing difficulty level. You can download it for Mac or Windows here.

[source kyatt.itch.io, via gonintendo.com]