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We don't often know the detailed background of how games are made or who creates them, but sometimes a developer's story can have as much impact as their game. This has been the case with Tom Happ, creator of the brilliant Axiom Verge.

Earlier this year Happ shared details on his young son Alastair - he suffers from Kernicterus, a bilirubin-induced brain dysfunction which is caused when newborn jaundice isn't treated in a timely manner. He explained the damage caused, including reduced motor control, and shared his blog in the hope of raising awareness of the condition and to generate support for the Kernicterus Research Fund at the Kernicterus Center, at Children's Mercy Hospital in Kansas City.

Now, one of the world's top Axiom Verge players is running a No Reset 'Metroidvaniathon' this weekend to raise money for the cause. Dimitrios Lianopoulos is the driving force behind it, and has kicked off a 48 hour stream that will run until 2pm Pacific / 5pm Eastern on 27th November.

You should have a read of Tom Happ's latest blog post to get more details on how to donate, while the No Reset marathon is being livestreamed here; the schedule is full of fantastic games over the next two days.

We'd encourage everyone to check it out; it's a chance to enjoy some quality speedrunning and to support a good cause.

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