Here's to another

Unless you live under a rock you will no doubt be aware that yesterday marked the 15th anniversary of the Microsoft Xbox. Launched as a rival to the PS2 and GameCube, the system laid down the foundations for the incredibly successful Xbox 360 and the Xbox One, Microsoft's current home console.

While Xbox and Sony fans are regularly at each other's throats over things as fascinating as frame rate fluctations and screen resolution, Nintendo fans are a little more chilled out - as is the company, it would seem.

Yesterday Nintendo of America posted this lovely message celebrating Xbox's birthday:

The gesture was clearly appreciated. Not only did the main Xbox Twitter account re-tweet it, it also got responses from a couple of the regional accounts:

Do you also own an Xbox system, or have you owned one in the past? Were you a "Wii60" gamer during the last console cycle? What are your thoughts on the brand reaching 15 years? Let us know with a comment below.