Super Mario and Pikachu are two of the most recognisable characters on the planet, but you know what's better than both of these individuals? Mario Pikachu, that's what.

No, you're not dreaming. All of these images are real. Mario Pikachu isn't a figment of your addled imagination, strained from hours of watching Nintendo Switch footage for clues about touchscreens and expandable storage. This is reality, my friends. It exists in the real world. It is, to put it bluntly, "a thing".

The range - which is real, don't forget - includes plush toys, playing cards, shirts, notepads and even a 3DS shell. Sweet Lord above.

Pokémon centers in Japan will be selling all of the merchandise shown on this page from October 29th. We're seriously considering a trip to the Far East just to make sure this isn't some elaborate joke designed to toy with our fragile minds.