The Nintendo Switch reveal trailer was chock full of enticing scenes; from enjoying Skyrim on the plane to playing Mario Kart in a van that clearly didn't pass its last MOT (it's a British thing), it was exciting stuff.

Not satisfied with all we saw first-off, however, we dusted off our fine-toothed combs and set about running through the trailer looking for small details that may have slipped you by if your mum / partner / barking dog was calling you down to have your dinner or something whilst you were watching.

Check out the video above where we look into 19 of these little subtle and not-so-subtle details that might get your mouth watering just a little bit more in anticipation of March 2017. As a bonus, why not check out a recent collaboration below that we did with the ever-charming Arekkz?

Naturally there were other details in the Switch reveal, which we previously broke down in this guide, so there you go.