When it comes to Sonic games, we're rooting for them. After all, the mascot's recent form is often unfairly portrayed as terrible, when in reality there was one awful game - the game that shall not be named on Wii U - in recent times, but the past couple of generations has delivered games that range from ok to rather good. The slump isn't as bad as some like to pretend, it's just that the Blue Blur has struggled to deliver a definitive game in quite some time.

We're hoping that Project Sonic 2017 can deliver that, and will cry salty tears as we set aside our Nintendo systems to try out Sonic Mania on rival systems (gasp!). But fans are also trying to fill the void, and an impressive 3D Sonic effort is making waves on YouTube.

It's called Sonic Utopia, and a demo features a large open area, with Sonic having plenty of speed and some nifty moves at his disposal.

It's primarily the work of 'The Great Lange' and Murasaki Fox, both major Sonic fans and evidently talented individuals. The demo can be downloaded by anyone, but at the moment the website hosting it is melting - keep an eye on this page if you want to try and grab it. You can also listen to the demo's track on Soundcloud.

Do you like the look of this, bearing in mind that it's an early demo at this stage?

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