Activision has just unveiled its Skylanders Creator app. This sucks characters from the console version of Imaginators and enables players to tweak and order 3D printed versions of their creations - as well as T-Shirts and Cards, too.

The app is quite low-tech in its connectivity. Select transfer from the Wii U and it plays an encoded tune that is detected by the app and includes all the information about the particular Imagination creation.

While you can edit and create new Skylanders on the Creator app, you can't transfer them back to the console directly. Instead you order cards or 3D prints of your characters in physical form. These are then placed on the Wii U Portal to bring them into the game.

There's no pricing for this yet, and it will be crucial that it's not too expensive. Get the price right though and families will be keen to see their children's character creations in real physical Skylander form.