It's already been another strange week in The Great NX Mystery, which could be a '60s movie that portrays 2016 as a world of flying cars, laser guns and bizarre clothes. As always there are one or two interesting little details or hints at rumours, and there's plenty of utter nonsense. Two particular tales have been sent to us quite a lot, so we thought we'd give a take on them and prove we're not operating out of a cave with sketchy Wi-Fi.

Shigeru Miyamoto
Image: Nintendo

The most recent and potentially the most relevant relates to Shigeru Miyamoto. Two separate posts on Reddit claim to have spotted him doing some filming and shaking of hands at Universal Studios Orlando. One thing that most seem to have missed is that the original post regarding this came a week ago, and a copycat on the NX subreddit posted yesterday but has deleted the content of their message, leaving only the headline.

So, let's assume that someone's eyes weren't deceiving them and that it's not the most random fib of recent times - is this interesting? Yes, in a sense. We already know that Nintendo is teaming up with Universal on theme park attractions in Japan and with plans to do so in Orlando, and we already knew that Miyamoto-san is at the heart of this project. Some interesting theories also wonder whether this could be part of plans for My Nintendo to offer rewards for visiting locations like Universal Studios in the future, an idea already shared by Nintendo in a presentation to shareholders.

Another interesting thought, though now it becomes a bit more of a stretch, is that Miyamoto-san was at least in the US, so logic dictates he will have visited relevant partners and also Nintendo of America's HQ. If so, then perhaps some filming was done for a certain reveal? Goodness, we certainly hope so...

That one's half interesting, but we think the other 'rumour' of the week is probably a big fake - below:

Nintendo Duo LOL.jpg

So to answer all of the tips on this. Yes, we've seen it. No, we don't think it's real.

We're not normally the types to say something is 100% fake, and will happily be surprised (and slightly concerned) if this turns out to be an actual leak, but right now we don't think it is. Randomly posted on the 2c forums in Japan, the logo itself is rather poor, and Nintendo's normally strong in this area. Also, why is 'nintendo' in lower case? This also got short-shrift from others through funny mock-ups and even got widely panned as baseless on NeoGAF. As this writer tweeted yesterday, don't put much stock in this just yet.

So there you go, some thoughts on these two 'rumours', neither of which have enough meat to be posted as 'News'; we're aware the term is relative in the world of video games. We have seen them, and this is what we think; as always we're genuinely appreciative of all the tips and are grateful to have them.

Let us know your thoughts on the Miyamoto sighting and 'Duo' below.