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We all know that Nintendo Selects releases are popular, as (mostly) first-party games get a healthy discount to boost their evergreen credentials. Last week brought six new Selects games to Europe, including two eShop Selects, and in one notable case the discount had the desired effect.

The UK top 40 doesn't have many Nintendo games, but Super Mario 3D World has made its return to the list courtesy of its discount, jumping to 32nd in the all-format chart. That may seem unremarkable, but Chart-Track's notification states that sales of the game jumped 999% compared to the previous week; whether that's the actual number or a reflection of the fact that four figure percentages aren't accounted for, it shows how a discount can drive sales of high quality Wii U games. We also hope that sales didn't jump from one to 999, but that's not impossible.

None of the other discounted games are in the top 40, so let's consider the Wii U-only chart. Pikmin 3 came from outside the system's top 20 to finish in 6th, Mario Party 10 climbed 12 places to 7th place, while Captain Toad: Treasure Tracker arrived in 10th. SteamWorld Collection missed the top 20, but FAST Racing NEO's disc release grabbed a creditable 13th spot.

Moving back to the all-format top 40, it was actually a bad week overall for Nintendo. New Super Mario Bros. 2 continues its resurgence in 30th place, and that's it for major Wii U and 3DS titles in the overall all-format chart.

Of course, these results don't include any eShop sales, and the rather tempting My Nintendo discount on Nintendo Selects games may have encouraged some to download rather than get the disc copy.

Let us know if you picked up any of the new Nintendo Selects titles in the UK, and whether you opted for a download or disc copy.

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