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Image: Nintendo

The Nintendo Account / My Nintendo service has 'Just for You' deals on a regular basis, though rather than being catered to users (such as adjusting depending on what games they own) they've typically been fixed promotions. Another feature touted as part of the service has been deals and promotions to come on player's Birthdays, which is a nice touch for those looking for a downloadable gift.

Nintendo of Europe has posted an article somewhat solidifying the 'Just for You' Birthday deal, highlighting 10 retail download games (five on Wii U, five on 3DS) that will be available at a 30% discount on user's birthdays. Blurb is below:

From October 2016, all owners of a Nintendo Account who have chosen to receive promotional emails from Nintendo and have linked their Nintendo Account to their Nintendo Network ID can receive a birthday offer from Nintendo!

With this birthday offer, you can get a discount of 30% on one of a selection of Nintendo 3DS and Wii U games from Nintendo eShop! If you're eligible for the birthday offer, you'll receive an email from us at the start of your birthday month, allowing you to use it right away!

The following are the October games, though Nintendo says they'll be updated regularly.

Wii U


A rather strong batch, it must be said, though naturally a lot of particularly keen fans may already own most of those games. That's the case for this writer, though 30% off Bravely Second: End Layer could be tempting.

What do you think of this line-up and promotion from Nintendo of Europe?