Antipole DX

Some of you may remember Antipole, a great action platformer that released on the DSiWare service back in 2011. Saturnine Games has been hard at work developing Antipole DX a remake of sorts for the 3DS and Wii U eShops, one which will feature additional levels, leaderboards, Miiverse stamps and more extra goodies. It all looks like it's coming together pretty well, but it was just recently announced that we'll have to wait a little longer before we get a shot at playing this second pass.

The announcement came via Miiverse, where Ed of Saturnine Games explained the situation. The game is 95% done, but certain parts of the game took longer than expected to complete, which led to conflicts in the schedule. As a result, the game has been delayed until 2017. Though there's no indication of when it'll be ready, Ed was keen to mention that it's very close to being done, so hopefully the wait won't be too much longer.

What do you think? Does this disappoint you? What did you think of the original game? Drop us a comment in the section below.