CIRCLE Entertainment is bringing Skipmore's "slow living miniscape RPG" Picontier to the 3DS, it has been revealed.

The game features crafting, combat, fishing and dungeons to explore, and its pixel-rich visual style reminds us an awful lot of Earthbound.

Here's some info taken from the game's Steam Greenlight page:

Picontier is a pixel art slow living miniscape RPG which allows you to enjoy a slow living on the island.

Spend your time farming, crafts, mining and fishing, or if you're the adventurous sort, take a journey to the dungeons to fight off monsters! How you spend your time is all up to you. Follow a charming story by communicating with the strange beings on the island.

Designed by indie label SKIPMORE, known for their reputation for high quality pixel art and sound design and their Fairune and Drancia series titles.

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