What's in the box?
Image: Diary of a Mother Bird

To say that Nintendo is being tight-lipped about its forthcoming NX system is something of an understatement. We know it's coming in March next year and we know that an announcement will happen before then, but aside from that there's very little else to go on right now, at least on an official level.

Nintendo is keeping such a tight lid on all things NX that it's now censoring interviews which have only the slightest mention of the platform.

GameSkinny recently attended a Yo-Kai Watch 2 Sneak Peak Event in Downtown Toronto and got the chance to speak to Nintendo of Canada communications manager Andrew Collins, but any talk of NX was quickly shot down:


Not exactly a lot of detail there, right? Well, it seems that Nintendo doesn't agree, as the interview was later edited to remove that even that detail-free section:


It would seem that Nintendo doesn't want anyone saying even the slightest thing about NX, even though it's abundantly clear that the gaming media is gagging to learn more about the mysterious console. Hopefully this means that the company is keen to make as big a splash as possible when the eventual announcement arrives in the not-too-distant future.

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