Catch 'em all!

Distance plays a huge role in Pokémon GO. It's used not only to hatch eggs, but since the recent update it also allows your buddy Pokémon to earn candy.

Therefore, when it was announced that the Pokémon GO Plus device - which launches this week - would not track your distance when in use, many people expressed disappointment and suggested that the decision had been made in order to make the forthcoming Apple Watch app more appealing.

Nintendo's PR from a while back - which confirmed the Friday launch date for the device - stated clearly:

Pokémon GO does not track distance walked when running in the background.

However, a Reddit user who has received their unit early has been testing the device and has discovered that it does indeed track distance during use:

Egg and buddy distance went up 1.1km with phone locked. Confirmed it tracks distance when app in background.

Will this restore your interest in the GO Plus, or were you going to get one anyway? Let us know with a comment.