There may be a lot of bad news and cynicism to be found online, but there are also some touching, uplifting occurrences that remind us of how powerful generosity and kindness can be. Nintendo, it so happens, has captured plenty of hearts and minds over on Reddit by sending a care package of Legend of Zelda merchandise to a grieving brother.

Back in July, Zelda Informer published a heart-breaking article regarding a bond two brothers shared over their love for The Legend of Zelda; Corey Austen lost his younger brother, Matt (just 23 years old), to epilepsy on 31st May 2016. The last conversation the brothers had was about the upcoming E3 event in which Nintendo showed off what we now know as The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild. In the words shared by Zelda Informer back in July, Corey explains his emotions upon learning about the support for the Wolf Link amiibo in BoTW, meaning he could have his brother's save data as a companion in the game.

But there was one part that got me. The Wolf Link amiibo. When they revealed that the game data from Twilight Princess would be used in Breath of the Wild as a companion, I broke down. Right there. At my desk.

It was so unreal. My brother and I could still play the new game. Together.

His amiibos have given me something that nothing else could. They captured a piece of his spirit. They allow our most precious childhood memories to live on. I never have to give up my brother. He will still be with me, right where he always loved to be. I felt revitalized after E3. It was the first time I had felt anything resembling happiness since he died. This is what will keep me going.

Matthew was my greatest friend, the Luigi to my Mario, the Wolf Link to my Link. We have decided to have his ashes made into the Spiritual Stones to honor his memory and his love for Hyrule. In doing this, his spirit will be with us, always, in the way he would have wanted.

Now, in a lovely touch, Nintendo has sent a care package to Corey packed full of Legend of Zelda merchandise, with a message enclosed.

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It's an emotional story, of course, and Corey has highlighted - on Reddit - that he's helping run a live stream called MoblinsforMatt to raise money for the Epilepsy Foundation.

We wish all of the streamers the best of luck in that fundraising effort, and naturally share our best thoughts and wishes with Corey and his family.

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