Hyrule Warriors Legends owners (and those with the Wii U original) have been waiting for the third DLC pack, and it was thrown in as part of the Nintendo Direct shenanigans - it's out today.

As you'd expect the Phantom Hourglass & Spirit Tracks riffs on the character designs from those two games, with the official trailer keen to show off Toon Link's train, in particular.

If you have a season pass you'll get this as part of that deal; it's worth noting that the pack on Wii U only includes Toon Zelda as a playable character and the Sand Wand weapon for Toon Link; a lot of the extra goodies are exclusive to Legends on 3DS. These include 15 My Fairy Costume Pieces, the 'Grand Travels' Adventure Mode Map, one new Adventure Battle and two new Challenge Battles.

Are any of you Hyrule Warriors fans going to try out this DLC today?