Gear Gauntlet.jpg

Announced earlier in the year for Wii U, Gear Gauntlet is a challenging - but potentially addictive - title in which you try to keep up a relentless pace through tricky courses. Previously released on Xbox One, developer Drop Dead Interactive now has a firm release date for the eShop - it'll arrive on 15th September in both North America and Europe at a price of $10/€10.

We had a go of the Wii U port - which has been produced and published by Crystalline Green - not too long ago at the Nintendo Life Community Gaming Night in Cambridge, England. It's shaped up nicely, and is also pretty darn challenging - the aim is to rush through courses while also quickly pushing face buttons when hit by a colour-coded dead end. You can get a taste for how it plays in the Xbox One trailer below.

Do you like the look of this one?