The Dragon Quest Museum has ended a fantastic six week run in Tokyo, Japan. The museum was held in honour of the 30th anniversary of the release of the first Dragon Quest game in Japan, in 1986. Its not the only thing Square-Enix has done to mark this milestone. There have been smaller promotional events like Metal Slime gum and Tokyo train stations playing various Dragon quest background music on platforms. Surely though this museum, which opened on 24th July, is the biggest event in the Dragon Quest calendar.

The museum features art, music and goods from the ten main games in the series. There are scenes from each game recreated in portrait form. Murals and profiles of the main characters are painted on the walls of the museum. World maps hang from the ceiling and dozens of dioramas, re-enacting the greatest scenes in the Dragon Quest series, can also be seen. There are hand drawn sketches of maps and characters by the original designers kept under glass. It gives an old school charm in highlighting the development process of the series in its early days.


There are also a few interactive areas where visitors can participate in Dragon Quest events like a 3D immersive game where you try to escape from battle, and live streams of Dragon Quest X Online. Visitors also have the chance to win a small prize by finding 6 metal slimes hiding in the museum walls.

The museum was originally planned to run until 11 September, but was extended just one more day. Moreover, its popularity has prompted Square-Enix to reopen the museum, this time in Osaka, from 9 October to 9 January, 2017. If you happen to be in Japan then, there's still a chance to see it in person. If you can't, then check out a full tour in the video below.

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