Runner 3

The BIT.TRIP series was one of the standout experiences of WiiWare, offering up a handful of artistic games that told of the bizarre journey of Commander Video. The fourth game in this series, BIT.TRIP Runner, was arguably one of the better games, mixing rhythm game elements with platforming to make for a fast-paced and catchy adventure. Several years later, Runner 2 released on Wii U and other platforms as a continuation of the concept. Now, it seems thatthe Runner games are going to be made into a trilogy.

Choice Provisions just opened a teaser site for Runner 3, with a planned release window of 2017. No platforms have been announced yet, but it's fair to assume that the game will likely have some sort of Nintendo release given the series' history. The website will also function as a developers' blog, where various team members attached to the project will chime in with updates on how development is going once per week. Occasionally, there will also be polls or feedback options so the community can help shape what the final product will look like. Here's the teaser:

Also, Charles Martinet will be returning to lend his voice talents once more.

What do you think? Did you like Runner 2? How would you like this one to be different? Drop us a comment in the section below.

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