Axiom Verge

Despite its popularity, the Metroid series has fallen on hard times as of late. Nintendo has done little to address the series over the past several years, and while we got a pretty good spinoff on the 3DS this year, it's struggled greatly commercially. Axiom Verge, while not a Metroid game, was obviously made as a love letter to Metroid fans, and some have gone so far as to say that it stands as a worthy surrogate in the absence of another traditional entry in the long running series.

Evidently, Axiom Verge almost had much stronger ties with the Metroid series, as it was recently revealed that a Samus costume was under consideration. Dan Adelman and Tom Happ recently did a Reddit AMA centered around the game, and one of the questions was whether or not any Samus cameos or amiibo functionality was considered. Here's what Adelman had to say:

We would have loved to have a secret code to have Trace where a Samus costume. Some people inside Nintendo really liked the idea, but after a lot of internal discussion, they ultimately had to decide not to give us permission to do that. I think the idea that someone could play the entire game of Axiom Verge looking like Samus Aran was too big of a concern for them.

His guess as to why they said no is reasonable, as it could be confusing to consumers as to whether or not a new Metroid game had just been released. Still, perhaps they shot the idea down because there's a secret 2D Metroid in the works right now. We can dream.

What do you think? Would you have liked a Samus cameo in Axiom Verge? What did you think of the game? Drop us a comment in the section below.