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Polls and related data can be inaccurate at times, with multiple recent elections in the UK doing the opposite of what polling suggested would happen - but they can still provide some interesting insight. YouGov has put its data gathering apparatus at work to learn more about Pokémon GO players in the UK, and apparently there are a lot of them.

Extrapolating data from around 25,000 interviews, YouGov puts the download numbers in the UK at around six million for the app, with a large percentage still playing the app to this day.

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Image: YouGov

Around two thirds of these players are apparently 18-35 years old, and in terms of brands Capri Sun is cited as one of the favourite soft drinks, among various other products; we don't know many people above 18 that drink Capri Sun, but maybe it's a dirty secret for some - who knows?

The most intriguing statistic from YouGov's research, by a long way, relates to how many players have spent money on the game. The estimate is that over one million players in the UK have spent money on Pokémon GO, with quite a few spending significant amounts more readily associated with a retail game purchase.

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Image: YouGov

The question over Pokémon GO's long-term fortunes revolves around how long it can keep a sizeable audience hooked. We'll be digging into some statistics over the weekend to see how it's faring on that score.

[source yougov.co.uk, via eurogamer.net]