Collateral Thinking.png

Current-gen Nintendo systems have their share of titles that owe much to '80s gaming, with pixel-based visuals and simple gameplay hooks. Collateral Thinking seems to be another title with that approach, with some slightly more modern touches thrown in.

Developed by Astrosaurus Games and due on 11th August in North America (priced $2.99 in the US) and 18th August in Europe, it'll feature over 100 single screen levels - pitched as 'floors' of a tower under construction - which set different tasks. In 30 seconds you'll have to "'Avoid' all the hazards, to 'Bust' all the enemies, or to 'Collect' all the blueprints". You can see it in action below.

The developer is pretty clear on the retro influences at play in this one:

The game is meant to blend the core floor-climbing, obstacle negotiation of Donkey Kong with the original Mario Bros.' single-screen enemy hunting, and then crank up the speed, intensity, and absurdity while adding elements of WarioWare's unpredictability and impulsivity to the mix.

Retro simplicity can certainly work when done well; we'll see whether this one has solid foundations when it comes out soon.