A little while ago Playtonic Games released the Yooka-Laylee pre-alpha 'Toybox' build to Kickstarter backers - it's a large area in which you can run around, do a bit of jumping and generally mess about with the game's mechanics. Naturally it has a handful of secrets to discover too.

Our video man Alex happens to have a copy, and decided the only proper way to play it is with a USB-based Nintendo 64 controller, one of those replicas that all the kids are using nowadays. He shows off the Toybox a little, looking at some neat areas along the way.

Though it's due in 2017 this is certainly one of our most anticipated Wii U eShop titles, especially as Playtonic is handling the Wii U iteration, evidently keen to give Nintendo gamers the best possible version on the hardware.

Sadly we won't be able to play the Wii U version with a Nintendo 64 controller, barring some kind of bizarre tie-in. Never mind...