Azure Striker Gunvolt 2.jpg

Inti Creates came upon a terrific formula with Azure Striker Gunvolt on 3DS, a title that looks fantastic on the portable and importantly plays just as well. We're pretty keen to try out Azure Striker Gunvolt 2, as a result, and thankfully it's due this year.

It's only a few weeks away in Japan, though, so it's been getting some publicity to boost awareness. Two new characters were revealed just recently, in the form of two bosses that'll feature in the game - the following translations are via Perfectly Nintendo.

  • Asrock (voiced by Ohta Kazuki), known as the Pygmalion Furnace, and boss of the Doll -Puppeteer- mission. His attacks are Furnace of Inferno, Relais Rothenburg, Eruption X-Razor, Šakotis Diagram, Beans Bullet Gun, Beat of Entremets.
  • Jibryll (voiced by Maya Eyonoshi), known as the Full Metal Jacket, and boss of the Moonlight -Beast- mission. Her attacks are Mother of Magie, Rain Maker, Blood Brothers, Flash of the Blade, Strange World, Dance of Death, Childhood's End, Iron Maiden.

More importantly, Keiji Inafune and game director Yoshihisa Tsuda appeared on an episode of Denjin Getcha and showed off the Asrock stage, below; despite the slightly fuzzy quality of the stream it still looks rather good.

We're certainly looking forward to this one - is it on your wishlist?