Shin'en Multimedia has had a great relationship with Nintendo, consistently releasing games that both look and play great. While it's released the vast majority of its games for Nintendo platforms (all the way back to the Game Boy Color!), the company has recently ported a few games to the PS4, making some question whether or not it would remain so loyal to the Big N in the future. Fortunately, at least as far as its next project is concerned, there's nothing for Nintendo fans to be worried about.

Martin Sauter of Shin'en recently sat down with Nintendon to talk about FAST Racing NEO, the company's most recent project, and the talk eventually drifted to the studio's future plans. Sauter was tightlipped as to what we can expect next, but he did confirm that it would be coming to Nintendo platforms, though he didn't specify which. Here's the quote:

The problem is I can't talk about it. I'd really like to talk about it, but if I say anything…. let me put it this way: we're very happy to work with Nintendo, we'll keep doing it and our next project will be with them. We're also carrying out new experiments and creating new prototypes, but I can't talk about this either, because they're so deep in their initial stage that there would be no point talking about it now.

What do you think? Would you like to see a Shin'en game on NX? What do you think the next project could be? Drop us a comment in the section below.