The Battle Cats POP!

The 3DS has been subject to several homebrew vulnerabilities over the last few months, with games like Citizens of Earth, VVVVVV, and SmileBASIC all having to be removed and reuploaded to the eShop. Hackers have found a way to run unsigned code on the 3DS utilising a pre-existing entry point, which could be found in certain games. Now, it seems that another game may have been exposed.

The bizarre The Battle Cats POP! was recently removed from the 3DS eShop in Europe, with no explanation as to why, or if it will ever go back up. Those who have already bought it can still redownload it, though, so at least it hasn't been completely removed. Still, one must wonder what the problem is, as it can still currently be downloaded in North America. Hopefully we'll hear something from the developer soon.

What do you think? Why was it taken down? Did you enjoy The Battle Cats POP!? Share your thoughts in the comments below.