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With Nintendo NX getting closer to its big reveal there are still frequent reports around the system emerging online. Picking out solid sources is a tricky task, but fresh reports around a 'Social' button appear to have some validity., which was the source of recent reports around detachable NX controllers having advanced force feedback - which in itself would offer plenty of gameplay potential if it comes through - has published another report. This time the focus is on a social button that could potentially take the concept started with Miiverse and go much further, falling more into line with current trends.

According to LPVG, this button will allow quick streaming and uploads of images and video to social platforms like YouTube, Twitter, Facebook and, of course, Miiverse; this content can also be saved on external storage. The button is said to be placed on one side of the screen (the left), and is separate from the usual HOME button.

LPVG has also reported that the NX - in dev kit form - features a 'split' D-Pad, rather like that seen on the DualShock 4, as opposed to the standard solid D-Pad normally seen on Nintendo hardware.

We've followed up with some sources of our own regarding this topic and, though they did not reiterate details around streaming and uploading content, did suggest that this Share / Social button is indeed a feature, also supporting claims around its placement at the opposite side of the HOME button. We've also heard that there are multiple sources around the split D-Pad on development units.

In some respects it would be surprising if Nintendo gave too much freedom in uploading and sharing video, in particular, though it has dabbled with controlled solutions such as Mario Kart TV. Yet the inclusion of a social 'Share' feature would be in touch with current-gen norms, and match up to a similar concept found, for example, on the PS4.

Do you like the idea of a 'Share' button on NX, or have any thoughts on the 'split' D-Pad? Let us know in the comments.