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Back in late July it was confirmed that Nintendo of Europe would be releasing both FAST Racing NEO and the SteamWorld Collection as Wii U disc games under the 'Nintendo eShop Selects' banner, both due on 30th September. It's certainly an exciting development for Shin'en Multimedia and Image & Form, seeing their eShop games published by the big N in stores.

These offerings have now gone up for pre-order on the Official Nintendo UK Store, both hitting the same prices as the equivalent retail Nintendo Selects Range.

This pricing has also been the case on Amazon UK for a little while, with both FAST Racing NEO and SteamWorld Collection available for pre-order from the retail giant. The cost in European Amazon pre-orders is €24.99.

The pricing is interesting, as Nintendo of Europe is evidently approaching these titles as premium prints, in a sense, rather like the occasion when a standalone New Super Luigi U cost more on disc to account for overheads like production and distribution.

The SteamWorld Collection is a pretty decent price, to be fair - on the eShop SteamWorld Dig costs £6.99 and SteamWorld Heist costs £14.99, with The Outside DLC an extra £4.49 (with Heist we're referencing the 3DS eShop prices). With all of that in mind the disc is arguably a discount bundle.

FAST Racing NEO, on the other hand, costs £11.99 on the eShop, and the disc will include the NEO Future Pack DLC of eight extra tracks. The DLC hasn't been priced yet, but it seems this disc will be a premium offering in the Nintendo eShop Selects range.

In any case, let us know whether you're tempted by these disc versions.

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