Its been a long wait for those who were fortunate enough to snag a pre-order of the awesome-looking Super Famicom New 3DS XL in Japan, which was first shown off in a Nintendo Direct in March of this year.


The unit comes decked out with the hardware design of the Japanese Super Famicom on the back, the recognisable two-tone grey colour scheme on the inside, as well as the classic four coloured Y X B A button arrangement like the original controllers. This button colour scheme was seen on the smaller version of the New 3DS, but as of yet has not reached the XL version - until now. Alongside that, it was revealed a few weeks later that it would come with a specially designed box that evokes the design of the original Japanese Super Famicom box. Nintendo has also released special Super Famicom themed eShop cards to promote the launch of Super Famicom Virtual Console games on the New 3DS.


Pre-orders opened on 12th April of this year and only lasted for two weeks! It seemed as if it was going to be extremely difficult to find one, with such a short time window to order and being only available in Japan. Fortunately, some online sites like PlayAsia.com announced that they would be selling a few units. Don't forget that the 3DS is region locked, so if you get one you'll only be able to play Japanese cartridges and navigate the Japanese eShop. Furthermore there is no option to change the language from Japanese.


On 1st August Nintendo sent out package tracking numbers, by email, to those who pre-ordered to let them know that the machine is out the door and on the way. If you pre-ordered from outside of Japan, they will be arriving to you soon. If you're in Japan, you might already have it waiting at your door.

I pre-ordered one and in the video below I show you exactly what comes with it and compare the 3DS hardware and box to other Super Famicom items of the past. If you missed out on your chance to buy one, take a look at one of the coolest 3DS variations this year.

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