Axiom Verge

Axiom Verge launched about a year and a half ago for basically every gaming platform that wasn't Nintendo. This was due largely to the engine in which it was built being incompatible with the software architecture Nintendo uses, but the issue was circumvented for Wii U when the whole game was rewritten in another engine and a 3DS port is even being looked into. The game launches in about a week on the eShop, and Dan Adelman recently explained why he thinks this is the definitive version.

Nintendo World Report recently sat down with Adelman to discuss the game, and one of the questions asked was why consumers should pick up the game for the Wii U. He explained that this version has more features than the others, such as a GamePad map and leaderboards, even going so far as to say that this is the "best version":

In my opinion, it's the best version, and there's a couple of things that stand out about it. First of all, it's the only console version that has a leaderboard functionality for speedrunners. There's a dedicated speedrun mode in all of the versions of the game, but if you get a good time you basically have to record it yourself somewhere. On Wii U, you can compare yourself to the global leaderboard which is very nice for Nintendo fans. The other primary benefit of the Wii U version is that you can always see the map on the GamePad. The whole theme of the game is exploration, so this game compared to a lot of other modern Metroidvania games does not lead you by the hand and tell you where to go next. There's no arrows that point like "Next, go here!", you constantly have to be checking the map to see what have I explored, what have I not explored yet, and so having that always on the GamePad makes it very easy to keep playing without disrupting the action. And of course, the last one is that you have the ability to play off the TV, so if somebody else is using the TV and you still want to play, you can play in off TV mode.

What do you think? Have you waited for this to come to Wii U? Do you think it'll sell well? Drop us a comment in the section below.