In just a few weeks we should get a look at the next major Sonic game, with a live stream promised of a 25th Anniversary event in San Diego on 22nd July. After quite a bit of waiting fans will no doubt be pinning their hopes on a return to form for the series.

The official Sonic the Hedgehog YouTube channel has been warming up with a few videos, with the latest being a rather neat effort. Artist David Flores produces some handsome street art in LA dedicated to the Blue Blur.

Somewhat humorously a simple colour choice has got some focusing on rather small details in the video's comments. Namely that Sonic has blue arms, rather like the Sonic Boom version of the mascot, as opposed to a light brown colour that's common with original Sonic. It's an artistic take on a classic Sonic pose, so the colour choice is simply related to the broader style; if in doubt note the Sonic art that SEGA's used in the video's thumbnail (and anniversary logos) has the more traditional Sonic colour-scheme.

It's nice to see SEGA stepping up its efforts on YouTube, in any case, and this is a rather handsome piece of art. Don't worry about the arms though, we're pretty sure another Sonic Boom game isn't going to be the big announcement out of San Diego.