Pokemon World Championships 2015.jpg

You may recall a rather disturbing incident around the time of the 2015 Pokémon World Championships in Boston, when two men due to attend were arrested in possession of multiple firearms. It emerged that social media and forum posts had been reported as threatening, prompting the police to act.

The trial of 28 year-old James Stumbo and 19 year-old and Kevin Norton has now concluded, with both men pleading guilty to unlawful possession of guns and ammo, with the plea deal holding each accountable for one weapon each and both for around 300 rounds of ammunition. Both men received two years of imprisonment, of which they've served nearly a year already, while two years on probation will follow.

Both men reportedly had no criminal records prior to these charges, and may petition to serve their probation in Iowa where they have "firm roots", according to Suffolk Superior Court Judge Rosalind Miller.

In any case, these guilty please and sentencing bring closure to an unpleasant episode from last year's Pokémon World Championships.

With thanks to Ryan Millar for the heads up.

[source bostonglobe.com]