We present the Nintendo NX (not really)
Image: https://commons.wikimedia.org

Nintendo is a company that loves to innovate - the Wii and Nintendo DS are prime examples of this desire. However, the Game Boy Advance SP is proof that the Japanese veteran is also wise enough to pillage from the past when it makes sense; the clamshell design was borrowed from its '80s Game & Watch LCD range, and helped keep the unit compact while providing protection for the screen.

The recent rumours regarding Nintendo NX have us thinking that Nintendo is once again raiding its archives for ideas. A portable system with its own screen that features detachable controllers? If that sounds familiar to you, then you probably owned a Game & Watch Micro Vs. system when you were younger.

Released in 1984, this range included three games: Boxing, Donkey Kong 3 and Donkey Kong Hockey. The gimmick was that two people could play the game at the same time, with small joypads being housed inside the unit. These were connected by short leads and could be used as "traditional" controllers.

Previous Game & Watch handhelds had largely been focused on solo play, which made the Micro Vs. range quite unique for the time. However, with only three titles ever made, it would seem that it didn't find the same commercial success as other Game & Watch variants - a possible warning sign for Nintendo?