Back in 2013, Disney published a new Mickey Mouse cartoon entitled Tokyo Go, which shows the famous rodent running into some bother when he accidentally boards the wrong Japanese bullet train.

The animated short is typically slick and amusing, but stands out for its use of iconic sound effects. Not only does it playfully lift audio from the likes of Star Wars and The Six Million Dollar Man, it also features a sequence where Mickey finds himself in an 8-bit video game, jumping to avoid obstacles and collecting coins.

While this short segment features original music, the sound effects are taken directly from Super Mario Bros., the 1985 NES classic. The sequence in question comes around the 2:20 mark:

Game Informer recently caught up with Mario's creator Shigeru Miyamoto at E3 and quizzed him about the cartoon. The publication asked if there was a copyright issue regarding the use of sound effects - a particularly pertinent question given that Nintendo recently shut down a Kickstarter campaign for a book about the NES on such grounds.

Is copyright an issue for them to use our sounds? [Laughs] It's very flattering. We finally got a cameo together.

Game Informer then cheekily pointed out that Nintendo could potentially place a similar homage to Mickey Mouse in one of its productions, to which Miyamoto replied:

They are very strict. [Laughs].

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