World to the West

Some of you may remember Teslagrad from a few years back, the metroidvania title that featured beautiful, hand-drawn 2D graphics. The gloomy, steampunk-esque environments created a fantastic atmosphere, and the magnetism-centric puzzles were quite smartly designed. It was certainly a unique title on the eShop, and Rain Games recently talked a bit about how it performed.

Ole Ivar Rudi -- Art Director of Rain Games -- sat down with Nintendo Okie to discuss both Teslagrad and it's upcoming pseudo-sequel, World to the West. When discussing Teslagrad, Rudi revealed that it was subject to positive critical reception and sold 1.6 million copies across all platforms. The meat of these came from Playstation platforms, likely due in no small part to the game being a free giveaway with PS+, but it also sold "surprisingly well" on the Wii U. When discussing World to the West, Rudi talked a bit about how the art style is generally more upbeat and cheery than its predecessor. Seeing as how World to the West will feature four separate playable characters in a team setting, it made more sense to go down the adventurous route as opposed to isolated.

The team dynamic of the characters lends itself to lighter, more adventurous mood than the solitary journey in Teslagrad- The city of Teslagrad is pretty much the darkest and dreariest place in our universe, with its constant dark rain clouds, oppressive government and ever-present electrical crackling. There are some sequences in World to the West that take place there, and a few familiar faces pop up in the story, but mostly we move on to other, more exotic locales.

Moving on, Rudi also discussed what platforms it will be released for. He was tight lipped about which platforms exactly would be receiving it, but was keen to stress that it will be a multi-platform release. Beyond that, he also hinted that it may be arriving on "new hardware", so perhaps an NX release is on the cards.

We're definitely aiming for a multi-platform release and it will definitely be released in the future- We're keeping a bit mum on the subject of which platforms it will launch on first- there's some new hardware coming up, too, so that's exciting. who knows, maybe it'll even release on that (sly look)

What do you think? Did you enjoy Teslagrad? Will you be getting World to the West? Drop us a comment in the section below.