Racing action

Gamers of an advanced age will no doubt get a warm, fuzzy feeling inside when the name "Virtua Racing" is mentioned. One of the first genuinely effective demonstrations of 3D graphics in an arcade setting, this slick title followed on from the likes of OutRun and Super Monaco GP and paved the way for future Sega classics such as Sega Rally, Daytona USA and many more besides.

It also serves as the core inspiration for Racing Apex, a new title from UK indie studio Lucky Mountain Games. A cross between Virtua Racing, Super Mario Kart and Activision's cult Interstate series, it features a range of racers, game modes, tracks and items to use. You're also able to upgrade and repair your car. There are 30 vehicles to choose from, each with intricate detail.

It's coming to PC soon, but Lucky Mountain Games has confirmed to us that a Wii U version is planned:

A Kickstarter campaign for the game went live back in May with a goal of £35.000, but it seems that the developer is finishing work on its latest demo before recommencing its crowd-funding drive. Just under £5,000 had been raised when the campaign was cancelled.

Is this the kind of game you'd love to see on your Wii U? Would you be willing to contribute cash should another crowdfunding drive happen?