A while ago we told you about Quest of Dungeons, a turn-based dungeon crawler that utilises procedurally generated environments. It has permadeath, too, so that when you die you start again with a new hero - yep, with a retro look it offers a retro-style level of challenge. The Xbox One version's trailer is below.

It seems promising, and as reported in our original article it'll feature four character classes, boss battles, leaderboards and three difficulty settings. Developer Upfall Studios has now shared the news with us that this title isn't too far off release - the Wii U version has a fixed release date of 1st September in Europe, with a final date pending in North America; this version supports off-TV GamePad play or the Pro Controller. The 3DS version is currently going through Lotcheck, too, so there's no date yet.

It'll cost €8.99 in Europe, and the great news is that this title will support cross-buy - if you buy either version (Wii U or 3DS) you'll get the other for free.

In addition the 3DS version is now confirmed to have StreetPass support; the idea is that if you pass others you may come across the ghost of one of their failed attempts, which you can try to kill and loot.


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