Mobile me

Nintendo is accepting applications for smart device developers who will work within the company on future mobile and tablet projects.

That might not seem like surprising news on its own, seeing as Nintendo is currently in the process of expanding into the mobile space in partnership with established firm DeNA, but what makes these roles interesting is that they will be based in Tokyo and Kyoto - presumably within some of Nintendo's biggest and most respected development teams.

That could mean Nintendo is gearing up to create mobile titles of its own, rather than working with DeNA. (Of course, it also could mean that the company is merely looking for development talent which makes the DeNA agreement easier from Nintendo's site.)

Here's the tweet in question:

When run through our trusty multi-tentacled translate-a-beast, it comes out looking something like this:

Nintendo Nintendo HP career careers listed "for smart device software development engineer (Tokyo Office)" recruitment "for smart device game development engineer (Kyoto Office)".

Nintendo has already released Miitomo on mobile, and has other titles on the way - including Animal Crossing and Fire Emblem.