Level-5 has lifted the lid on its next "cross media" property, Megaton Musashi.

Set in a universe where aliens have decimated 90 percent of the human population, this new venture will take the same approach as Level-5's other multimedia projects. There will be a 3DS game, smartphone title, anime show and plenty of merchandise, including action figures which replicate the cool morphing robots seen in the series (the design of the lead robot reminds us a lot of Gypsy Danger from Pacific Rim, which is a good thing).

The figures will ship with cards that are apparently used to unlock attacks, mimicking the medals seen in Yo-Kai Watch and the NFC accessories promised for The Snack World. In the anime trailer above, we can see the lead character altering the weapons and form of his robot via these special cards.

Megaton Musashi is expected to launch in Japan in Summer 2017. It's not yet know if it will come to the west.

[source siliconera.com]