Back before E3 Reinhard Pollice, Business & Product Development Director and Executive Producer at Nordic Games, did something a bit unfashionable - he said the publisher was working on another Wii U release. His precise words were "I think Action Adventure fans will enjoy this a lot..."

In that article we joined a chorus of others in predicting it could be Darksiders, as the sequel (unsurprisingly called Darksiders II) had been an early release on Wii U and Nordic Games had recently released a remastered version of the second game on PC, PS4 and Xbox One. Nordic Games has evidently been keen to get these titles - to which it acquired the rights - into the hands of as many gamers as possible.

It seems that the original is likely getting a re-release not only on Wii U, but also on PS4 and Xbox One. This is based on listings on GameFly that have now been taken down, which probably means some strong words were exchanged between that site and Nordic Games.

From a Wii U perspective it makes sense, in any case. Those that enjoyed the sequel may be tempted to try out the original on the system (with some arguing the first title is actually better) while it could match up well with promotions on the second game.

Would you be interested in playing Darksiders on Wii U?

Thanks to all that sent this in.

[source neogaf.com]